Product Identification Specialists

For over five decades, Reichert Corporation’s continued success is based on a commitment to quality work and a broad range of printing capabilities. Our services include computer engraving, pad printing, screen printing, sublimation and digital printing. The diversity of our printing methods gives us the ability to print multiple colors on wood, glass, plastic, bottles, metal and cosmetic products.

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pad printing
screen printing
computer engraving
digital printing

Pad Printing

The pad printing technique allows for a clean, crisp image to be transferred completely to a variety of substrates. We have technology to print on bottles, glass, jars, plastic, wood, metal and many others surfaces. Our pad printing machines give Reichert Corporation the ability to print single and multiple color Information.

Screen Printing

We can screen print multi colored images on glass, cosmetic bottles, jars, wood, metal, and plastic. We have experience working with numerous industries and have built a reputation for quality, efficiency, and quick
turnaround times.

Computer Engraving

Machine engraving is how it all began at Reichert Corporation. Fast forward 50 years and the process is still in use but the technology has given us the ability to engrave with machine and state of-the-art computerized engraving systems.

Digital Printing

The cornerstone of a successful printing company is the ability to meet a wide variety of customer needs. With the recent addition of our digital printing machines, we have endless decorating possibilities. As with our screen printing and pad printing methods, digital printing enables us to print multiple colors on multiple surfaces. A distinct advantage of modern digital printing is the ability to create an image, which is sent directly to a printer.


Dye Sublimation is some of the most versatile technology available to product decorators. It allows for the creation of full-color, high resolution products in markets such as promotional items, apparel, awards, mugs and identification products. Dye sublimation allows the ink to become part of the substrate. This creates a perfectly smooth surface.